If you have any useful information (confirmed as factual!) affecting activities in Orba which is not on this page, please send an email to us

The Emergency telephone number for coronavirus in the Comunidad Valenciana is 900 300 555. Please save the number in your phone and call if you have symptoms and think that you may be infected. Self isolate immediately at home. DO NOT attend any Emergency Department, hospital center, health centre or Doctors surgery, as by doing so you could transmit the virus to other people with other existing health problems. When you call this number, they will conduct a survey and if it is positive, they will tell you how to act and will send someone out to take tests. General information on Covid-19 is available from Denia Hospital on 966 429 000 or 966 429 002.

Home Covid 19 Tests now available in Orba

Dr Rafael Diaz from BD Clinic in Orba can visit your home to carry out Covid 19 tests. More information, prices, etc here.


From 7th June, curfew ends in Comunidad Valenciana!

From Monday 24th May, bars and restaurants can open until 12.30am

From Monday 10th May, borders are now open so travel is permitted in and out of the Comunidad Valenciana.
Tables of up to 10 people now allowed in bars and restaurants with 50% capacity inside, and up to 10 people can now meet outside and inside although meetings in houses are still restricted to people from 2 different households

Vitamin D is very important for our immune system and tests have shown that patients hospitalized with COVID-19 who had insufficient levels of vitamin D had increased risk of adverse outcomes. Even though we get more Vitamin D from natural sources (the sun!) here in Spain, most people's levels are still low, particularly older people.



From 1st February face masks have been mandatory when walking on public roads (on the street or in a park for example) and on the beach
and if you are practising sports in an urban centre between 10am and 7pm
They are NOT required if you are practising physical activity in the mountains or countryside (ie outside urban area) or before 10am and after 7pm. .

Doctors Appointment during Covid-19

The Denia Health Department has provided a telephone number if you wish to make an appointment at any health centre in the Marina Alta area - 965 648 604. This number will be answered on Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and the user can request a medical or nursing consultation.

For urgent appointments at Orba Health Centre do not go to there, but call them on 966 409 990. They will ask for your SIP card number and telephone number. You will be told in Spanish that a doctor will call you back to speak about your requirements if one is not available immediately. More information here

Orba Pharmacy (Tel: 965 583 386)
Orba Farmacia has a Facebook page with some useful info about the corona virus and pharmacy opening hours in the area.
As the pharmacy is not always fully stocked, it is recommended to call in advance to advise of any items you wish to collect, to save wasted journeys.