This page gives information on fiestas, public holidays and other events in Orba and the surrounding area.
We'll try to keep this up-to-date as much as possible, but please let us know if you're aware of anything that we haven't included

For information on events taking place in the surrounding area, visit this page.

Spring Art - Free Workshops in Pottery and Painting

The City Council of Orba has organised free workshops in Pottery and Painting between April and June. Places are limited so those interested should send an email to cultura@orba.es indicating name, surname, telephone, address, and workshop/s they want to participate in, in order of preference. Attendees must be over 16 years old, preference will be given to the registration order and to those registered in Orba. Those who attended the Beginners Pottery Workshop last year can not attend the same workshop this year, but will be given preference if they register for the second level.

25 April, 2 & 9 May - Beginners Pottery Workshop - learn how to work the clay, how to make a clay tile, and use enamel
16, 23, 30 May & 6 June - 2nd level Pottery Workshop for all those people who participated in the Beginners Workshop last year and want to learn more
13, 20, 27 June - Mandalas Painting Workshop - make geometric drawings, relax the mind and forget the stress of everyday life.

Spring Art Workshops

Festeros 2020 Events

The Orba Festeros 2020 have organised some fund raising events. See details below:

Easter Lunch

Bingo Night

Bingo Night

Fiestas Patronales

Each town has its Patron Saint and fiestas (Fiestas Patronales) are held in their honour. Orba's Fiestas Patronales take place in May and celebrations include processions with floats, fireworks and pelota games.

Fiestas Populares

Bull run in Orba

Orba's fiesta takes place at the end of July/early August. Festivities include processions, bull running, live music, sporting events and firework displays. More information and fiesta schedule will be supplied nearer the time.


Other Local Fiestas



This is a huge festival held in March only in the Valencia region, where amazing huge papier-mache statues (ninots), often taking a satirical swipe at politicians or celebrities, are erected at various points throughout the city. On the final day of the festival, the sculptures are burned to the ground except for the winning one which is saved! Don't miss the Mascleta every day of the festival at 2pm where the loudest firecrackers in the world are let off and the ground shakes for about 10 minutes! There are regular parades all over the city where Valencianos dress up in their traditional costumes and carry offerings of flowers to the Plaza del Virgen, where a wooden tree shaped structure is filled up with all the flowers. Click here for more information about Las Fallas. Although the main event takes place in Valencia city, it is celebrated on a smaller scale in Denia, Pego, Calpe and Benidorm. If you're interested in learning more about this fascinating festival but can't be there to witness it for yourself, you could visit the Fallas Museum in Valencia.

Easter / Semana Santa
Easter/Semana Santa is one of Spain's main fiesta times, usually celebrated with processions and other events

Moors and Christians El Verger

Moors and Christians
There are some amazing Moors and Christians processions in the local area. The biggest and probably the best is in the Alicante inland city of Alcoy. Every April the people of Alcoy re-enact the battles between the Moors and Christians in colourful costumes accompanied by kettle drums and trumpets. The two groups fight it out in the streets, which are filled with noise and smoke, watched by thousands of spectators. This fiesta is now officially recognised as being of international tourist interest. Closer to Orba, the one at El Verger in the middle of August (see right) is well worth a mention.