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Since 18th February 2018 door-to-door rubbish collections have taken place in the village and some urbanisations including La Foia and La Palmeria. For the other urbanisations, including El Capso, the door-to-door collections do not apply and you should take your rubbish to the recycling point next to the mail boxes (buzones) on Calle de la Rota (east side). All residents of the urbanisations which operate a central recycling point have been issued with individual codes which they need in order to access the locked area. If you do not yet have a code, contact the Recycling Coordinator (details below).

This recycling exercise has been hugely successful so far, and in less than 4 months Orba has gone from recycling just 15% of waste to now recycling 85%.
Several Spanish newspapers have reported this recently. To read this in Spanish click here or view an English translation here.

Recycling container kits are available to all residents to make it easier to separate waste. If you have not collected your free kit you are encouraged to do so by contacting the Recycling Coordinator. Organic/food waste must be deposited into bio-degradable bags and then the bags deposited into the brown bins. Additional free bio-degradable bags are available by contacting the Recycling Coordinator.

The Recycling Coordinator for queries/assistance is Neus Donet who is available at the Town Hall on Wednesdays from 11am - 2pm and 4pm - 7pm. Alternatively, you can contact her by telephone on 671 740 799 Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm and Wednesday 4pm - 7pm, or by email


Yellow Bins - Light Packaging
Plastic bottles
Plastic bags
Plastic food trays
Polystyrene trays
Cellophane packaging
Tetra pak cartons, eg for milk, juices, etc
Hair removal wax cartridges (depilatory)
Aluminium foil
Cling film
Yoghurt containers
Foil seals and metal tops from wine and cava bottles
Plastic lids/stoppers
Metal lids/stoppers


Blue Bins - Paper & Cardboard
Paper or cardboard bags
Cardboard boxes
Paper stickers
Sheets of paper
Paper envelopes
Egg boxes

Green Bins - Glass Containers
Glass bottles
Glass jars

(note: broken glasses and glass plates do NOT go here)


Brown Bins - Organic
(in biodegradable bags only, which are supplied free from Town Council or to purchase in many supermarkets)
Spoiled food, without tray
Fruit and vegetable peelings
Leftovers of cooked food
Egg shells
Seafood shells
Ground coffee
Tea bags
Cellulose coffee filters
Wine & cava corks (not rubber)
Wooden toothpicks and matches
Paper towels (note: if used with cleaning or other products they should go into the grey bin)
Paper tissues
Plant soil
Flowers and grass
Fire ash
Dog waste (should be put in separate bags)

Grey Bins - Other
Cotton wool
Broken glasses and glass plates
Plastic meat wrappings
Foam rubber
Sewing needles
Sweeping dust
Adhesive tapes
Cotton buds
Nail files
Latex/rubber gloves
Paper towels (used with cleaning or other products)
Nappies/diapers, sanitary towels, tampons
Cotton wool
Cigarette ends
Wet wipes
Chewing gum
Cat litter

Free Collection of Large Household Items
For free collections of large household items (old furniture, washing machines etc.) to request a collection you must telephone Neus (Tel. 671 740 799) or send an email to The preferred method is to send an email, detailing the furniture etc. which is to be collected, along with your phone number and address. These “large item” collections will be done on the first and third Tuesday of the month.

Please also note, this free service is only for collection of a maximum of 3 items of surplus/large furniture etc. If you have lots of items (e.g. a house clearance) then you must make private arrangements with a company to collect the items and pay for it. Apparently Dasi or Marorba can assist, or will refer you to the appropriate company.

Garden/Green Waste

Dry leaves etc. can be placed in the organic waste. Tree branches, prunings and other large items from your garden must continue to be taken to the Garden Waste/Recycling Centre which is situated next to the water treatment works on the road off Calle Dels Plans into the campo. Click here for exact location on Google maps. There is a charge of €1/cubic metre (or equivalent to one large white builder's bag). Opening hours are Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10.30am - 1pm and Saturday 10am - 1pm, and payment must be made by credit or debit card.

Mobile Ecopark
Every market day in the square, and at other times in different parts of the town*, you can find the Mobile Ecopark. You can deposit the following waste here:

Orba Mobile Ecopark

Computer waste (eg printer cartridges, toners, CDs, DVDs)
Kitchen oil
Fluorescent light tubes and light bulbs
Clothes and shoes
Small electrical and electronic appliances
Small tins of paint/varnish (max 0.5l)
Adhesives, fillers & desolvants

Click here to visit page which has a link to a calendar showing location of the Mobile Ecopark.
Note: If the section you want to use is full, do not deposit the waste - wait for the next opportunity.